From: "Tom Van Baak"
To: "Doug Hogarth"
Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2001 16:11
Subject: mailing list

I'm looking into a pair-hosted mailing list.

There are newsgroups (too wide a distribution)
There are mailing lists like TZ (too political)
There is TACGPS (too specific to TAPR or GPS)
There are the USNO lists (too professional)
There is mail between you & me & others (too narrow)

I'd like the list to be invite only and cover those of us
doing amateur atomic precise time & frequency. I can
easily think of ten to twenty people to invite right off.

Any suggestions on the list name
- timing@
- picosecond@
- nanosecond@
- atomic@
- time-nuts@
- precise@
- time-list@
- cesium@
- timers@

The name should be easy to remember and somewhat
self-descriptive, e.g., "If you're interested in these things
you should join the *atomic* mailing list". Or "join the
cesium mailing list", etc.