From: "Tom Van Baak"
To: "John Ackermann N8UR"
Sent: Saturday, September 08, 2001 11:39
Subject: Re: Sulzer 2.5 Circuit Diagrams

> Any interest on following up with this?  It's pretty trivial for me to set
> it up at, but I'd be interested in having one no matter where it's
> hosted.
> John

Yes, I think it's still a good idea. I'm not so sure I want
to host it from I wasn't entirely happy
with the interface my ISP offered.

A week ago I set up Time-Nuts and Cesium-Nuts at just to try the feature out. It wasn't
too bad. A little slow at times. But workable. I had hits
within a day from people who stumbled on the name
and wanted to join. See for example:

I think if you want to go ahead with Time-Nuts on febo
that would be the way to go. I bet we could get dozens
of people to join in a matter of days.

I have a couple of concerns.

One is the "charter"; it would be nice if the signal/noise
ratio of postings was high. If the list starts attracting
people looking for accurate wrist watches or guys
needing help setting up NTP we're in trouble. But it
should be open enough and very inviting to anyone
who's got the precise time bug.

Another is the trade-off between making it public (so
people using search engines will find the list easily) and
being spam-bait.

Lastly, how will this come across to tac-gps? I do not
want to siphon off that list. It's a low volume list but very
high quality. So I wouldn't in any way want to affect that.

Any thoughts?