From: "John R. Ackermann" 
To: "TAPR Special Interest Group" 
Sent: Saturday, December 15, 2001 05:00
Subject: [tacgps] ANNOUNCE: New "time-nuts" mailing list for time/freq fanatics

I've always felt a bit nervous about posting messages to the tacgps list 
that are more related to general time and frequency measurement than to GPS 
(like the posting I made a few minutes ago!).

I've talked for a few months with some other enthusiasts about setting up a 
separate mailing list for these more general issues.

I've decided to give it a try, so the "" mailing list is 
now available.  The list charter says: " is a mailing 
list dedicated to the discussion of time and frequency measurement tools, 
techniques, and toys at a fairly serious level."  Hopefully that's a useful 
description of what we're trying to accomplish.

You can subscribe by sending a message to "" with the 
following as the only line in the body (without the quotes):  "suscribe 
time-nuts".  You can also subscribe via the web interface at

Subscription requests generate a confirmation email that you'll have to 
return (that avoids prank subscriptions), and to minimize spam posting is 
limited to subscribed addresses.  That last point means that if you 
subscribe using an alias like "" you will not be able to post 
unless your mail program is set up to show the same address in either the 
"From" or the "Reply-to" headers of messages you send.  To avoid problems, 
I suggest that you subscribe using your real email address and not an alias.

All list messages are available in a searchable archive at

I want to be clear about one thing:  this new list is in no way intended to 
displace or replace the tacgps list, which has got to be one of the highest 
SNR lists of all time.  The idea is simply to have a place to take broader 


John N8UR