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Stanford Research FS700 Loran-C Frequency Standard

Typical Long-Term Stability

Stability to Tau 400k (1.6 million seconds of data)

Lucky, but atypical data point for tau 400k

Older plots at tau 100k:

The FS700 reaches about 5x10-13 at a day.

log1143v.gif log1144v.gif log1145v.gif log1146v.gif log1147v.gif

Comparison with GPS

Given 200k seconds each of Loran-C (FS 700) and GPS (HP 58503B) normalized phase data, here are similar scale (+/- 250 ns) plots for both:


Peak to peak noise is

RMS noise is

ADEV at tau 12 hours is

Older plots at tau 40k:

log1128v.gif log1129v.gif log1130v.gif log1131v.gif log1132v.gif

Older plots at tau 20k:

log1121v.gif log1122v.gif log1123v.gif log1124v.gif log1125v.gif


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