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General Radio Syncronometer model 1103-A

GR 1103A photos

Front, showing clock dial, microdial, plate power toggle switch, and motor start pushbutton:

Close-up of clock dial:

The GR 1103A Synchronometer is driven by a GR 1102A Multivibrator:

GR 1102A detail:

All the tubes stick out the rear (for easy access/repair):

GR 1103A, view from top:

GR 1103A dial with backlight:

GR 1103A inside detail:

GR 1103A terminal block: microdial output, 1 kc motor drive, 115 VAC start motor:

6K6G amplifier:

Detail of time adjust:

Starting motor (upper), 1 kc synchronous motor (lower):

Gear train:

GR 1103A block diagram and schematic

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