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HP 5060A Cesium Beam Frequency Standard



HP's first cesium standard:


HP 5060A Cesium Beam Frequency Standard:

View of control panel showing monitor meters, mode switches, OCXO coarse and C-field adjust.

View with top opened:

This 5060A used to belong to NBS (NIST):

View from top showing cesium beam tube (left) and double ovenized oscillator (right):

View from top:

Harmonic mixer:

Cesium beam tube label showing operational parameters:

Gears used for coarse frequency adjustment of OCXO:

View from bottom:

The 5060A was all transistor (no IC's):

High-quality, rugged module interconnections:

Rear view:

The serial number dates to week 4 of year 1966:

Larger, high-resolution photos available on request.

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