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Oscilloquartz 8607 option 08 BVA oscillator


The 8600 and 8607 BVA oscillators perform extremely  well. Those with truly outstanding performance, down in the 10-14 range, are sold as option 08 at a premium. The yield is on the order of a dozen per year.

This amazing BVA quartz oscillator is stable to 8E-14 at 10 s and is better than 1E-13 for all tau from 1 s to 400 s. Drift is on the order of 1E-11/day. The -1 slope below, from 0.01 s to 1 s, reflects the measurement resolution of the TSC 5110A (100 fs at 1 s = 1E-13). The maser is equal or better than the BVA until tau 2 s at which point the BVA hits a floor above 7E-14.

Oscilloquartz BVA 8607 option 08 oscillator vs. Active H-maser

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