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Stanford Research PRS10 Rubidium Frequency Standard


Data Files

[2004-11-22 17:59:16] 5,196,211 log16042.txt 420273 seconds (= 4.8 days = 116 hours)
[2004-11-26 01:03:58] 3,095,144 log16078.txt 238088 seconds (= 2.7 days = 66 hours)

Stability from Tau 0.1s to Tau 100k

Stable32 Plots, 5 Days

Raw phase


Phase residuals (phase offset, frequency offset removed)


Raw frequency, 1 second samples, 10e-11 full-scale


Frequency, 10s averages, 2e-11 full-scale


Frequency, 100s averages, 1e-11 full-scale


Frequency, 1000s averages, 5e-12 full-scale


Stability, 1s data, octave tau


Stability, 1s data, decade tau


Stability, 1s data, many tau

Note the following graph from the SRS website:

PRS10 Stability, SRS spec


Frequency, Power Spectrum

Stable32 Plots, 1 hour

Phase residuals (phase offset, frequency offset removed)

Stable32 Plots, 1 minute

Phase residuals (phase offset, frequency offset removed)


Stability of 4 rubidium frequency standards:

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