Ultralink WWVB Receivers

Starting in the late 90's a small electronics engineering company called Ultralink created some of the best WWVB time receivers that I've seen. In the USA, during the 1970's, 80's, and 90's WWVB was the premier low-cost method of obtaining precise time and frequency at home. By the early to mid 2000's cell phones, the internet (NTP), and GPS took over the role. Gradually every company, large or small, stopped making WWV (shortwave) and WWVB (LF, low frequency) timing products. Note that DCF77, JJY, and WWVB are still popular and widely used for ultra low power radio controlled wall clocks and wrist watches.

Ultralink WWVB Receiver Manuals

Manuals obtained from Rod Mack (owner, Ultralink), or archived from Ultralink website (ulio.com, now gone), or archived from Parallax ("Basic Stamp") website, or * donated by H.Murray (thanks).

Ultralink Model 301 WWVB Receiver module photos