Near the end of the 2nd floor hallway at the Time & Frequency division of NIST in Boulder is a public display window with a digital/analog LED clock synchronized to UTC(NIST). The following photos were taken about 5 PM MST and record the seconds from 31-Dec-1999 23:59:58 UTC(NIST) to 01-Jan-2000 00:00:02 UTC(NIST). Happy New Year!

The above frames were cut from a 1600 x 1200 pixel image using MS Imager. The original image was created with a Nikon CoolPix 800 in 16-shots mode where up to 16 VGA quality photos are taken approximately one second apart and combined into a single 4x4 photo collage. The sequence spans about 5 seconds either side of Y2K.


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