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Maser 208 Arrives - March 2003

It seems "air ride" means the truck is mostly air.

Doug (K4UTC) arrives with Ken to help me (UTC).

Cavity pulling.

The maser lands in Seattle (very gently).

Frequency pushing.

Doug handy with a wrench.

Tom with his maser (photo courtesy of Ken).

Jerrold (the driver) removes the ingeniously designed crate.

Ken paves the path around to the backyard.

The ramp up and over the steps.

Good thing it fits in the lab.

The artists signatures are still there.

208 next to the other active H-Maser. Is bigger better?

The vacuum values will be opened this weekend. Cross your fingers.

Clever to place the bolt through the O.

Thanks Sigma Tau (or Datum, or Symmetricom),

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