Rotate Oscilloquartz 8600 BVA oscillator

This is a 1000 s run where once a minute I rotated the BVA 90 degrees to each of its 6 axis. You can see it's quite different depending on which side faces down.

I made an automatic stepper motor vertical turntable gizmo and this allows me to smoothly run through full 360 degree turn(s) hands-free. At slow speed it's one turn every 400 seconds. There is some level of mechanical chatter in the platform at this speed which shows up as short-term noise in the BVA. But the overall sinusoidal pattern over two turns is quite nice.

This is at a higher speed where each rotation is 100 seconds. We see 5 turns clockwise followed by 5 turns counterclockwise.

I made two short videos of the stepper in action. This image is the TimePod / TimeLab trace made during the video. A BVA has greater sensitivity in the vertical rotating configuration than in the horizontal rolling mode.

1st video: IMG_4992.MOV | IMG_4992.avi  | IMG_4992.mpg  | IMG_4992.m4v

2nd video: IMG_4996.MOV | IMG_4996.avi  |  IMG_4996.mpg  |  IMG_4996.m4v