Cesium Beam Tube Photos

HP/Agilent/Symmetricom 5071A Cesium Beam Tube Photos

Below are photos of cesium beam tubes on display at the Santa Clara factory where they are made.

Display table with various modern (5071A) and vintage (back in the Varian days) tubes.

5071A cut-away tube and an exposed copper microwave cavity with C-field windings

Full view of 5071A cesium beam tube.

Full view of 5071A microwave cavity with C-field windings.

Cesium oven end.

Mass spectrometer & electron multiplier end.

Cesium ampoule in hand, and mounted.

Closer view of mounted oven. Also a view of C-field winding.

Cesium oven assembly, back side.

Cesium oven assembly, front side.

State selector magnets.

Hot wire ionizer & mass spectrometer & electron multiplier assembly.

Mass spectrometer, entry

Mass spectrometer with view of dynodes and voltage divider resistors.

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