GOES Time and Frequency Receivers

Some photos

Here are two working and one broken True Time Kinemetrics model 468-DC GOES receivers along with a few WWVB receivers. The top unit is set for Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8 hours) but since the photo was taken during the summer (PDT) the clock is behind one hour. The bottom unit is set for UTC. The WWVB clocks are also set for Pacific time (UTC-8 hours) but they automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time based on the WWVB timecode. Apparently, although the GOES timecode contains DST information, not all versions of the 468-DC receiver apply the correction.

The large RHCP 468 MHz helix antenna is carefully aimed at the GOES East satellite, which from Seattle, is at 122 degrees azimuth (SE) and 17 degrees elevation. The wall or window doesn't attenuate the signal much.

The large white square in the upper left corner of the photo is a 468 MHz patch antenna roughly aimed at the GOES West satellite, which from Seattle, is at 195 degrees azimuth (SSW) and 32 degrees elevation. Apparently the ceiling and roof doesn't attenuate the signal too much either. The PVC pipe WWVB antennas are visible in this photo as well.

GOES time transfer performance

View of earth from GOES east

View of earth from GOES west

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