The vintage General Radio Frequency Standard in Tucson

Rack 1 - Frequency Conversion

616-D Heterodyne Frequency Meter
1106-A Frequency Transfer Unit
1106-B Frequency Transfer Unit
1106-C Frequency Transfer Unit
616-D Heterodyne Frequency Meter
696-C Power Supply

Rack 2 - Measuring Equipment

699-A Comparison Oscillator
616-D Heterodyne Frequency Meter
617-C Interpolation Oscillator 
619-E Heterodyne Detector
614-C Selective Amplifier
619-P1 Coil Drawer

612-C Coupling Panel

Rack 3 - Frequency Standard

1103 Syncronometer

692-B 1-Kc Multivibrator

692-B 10-Kc Multivibrator

692-B 50-Kc Multivibrator

692-B 100-Kc Multivibrator

698-A Duplex Multivibrator

Standard Output panel (6 cannon conns.)

691-C Constant Temperature Unit

694-C Control Unit

696-C Power Supply

1107-A Interpolation Oscillator

Ken says:

This equipment came out of the Midland-Wright Company (a quartz crystal manufacturer in Kansas City) which was formed from the assets of the Crystal Products Co. who went out of business shortly after WWII.  The equipment was in use when the owner began working there in 1951. It has not been powered up in about 20 years.

It appears to be have been built in the mid to late 1940s. I have GR manuals/catalogs from 1933, 1948, 1953, and 1961. It is most nearly like the 1948 model, but there are a few differences here and there.