ThunderBolt Power Supply: "HUP" version



Over the past two years several different surplus power supplies have been included with the TAPR Thunderbolt kits. The following show how to configure the "HUP" power supply.

Wiring Photos

We start with the original "International Power Sources, Inc. Nortel HUP80" triple-output power supply. Cut and remove DIN connector and outer RFI clamp. Strip off a couple of inches of the outer black insulation.

Attach crimp pins to each of the 6 colored wires. Leave bare grounding wire for later use. See close-up of crimp pins (be careful of stray whiskers).

Please check the voltages before you attach the Thunderbolt DC connector: BROWN (-12), WHITE=BLUE (common), RED (+12), YELLOW=BLACK (+5), bare wire (mains ground). It is possible your power supply uses different colors.

Detail of DC connector.

Final result (some people ground the frame, some don't).

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