TAPR Time-Nuts Thunderbolt Group Buy
03-May-2008, revised 14-Jul-2009

TAPR Time-Nuts Thunderbolt Group Buy

A large number of Trimble Thunderbolt GPS Disciplined Oscillators (GPSDO) appeared on the surplus market in 2007 and 2008. A select quantity of these are now available at low cost at TAPR Trimble Thunderbolt Kit.

Power supply photos will be posted shortly. Here's what a Thunderbolt order looks like:

The kit includes the following:

All you need is a:

Special note:

DC Power Connector

The pieces to build the special DC power connector are included as shown above, and below. Connect your own wires to the included crimp pins. In this example (following PC power color conventions) yellow is +12V, black is common, red is +5V, and blue is -12V.

Power Supply Requirements

These Thunderbolts require a triple DC power supply: +12 V, +5 V, and -12 V. So this includes everything from a cheap PC power supply to three separate wall-wart power supplies to a highly regulated DC laboratory supply. Details and many examples here: The triple-output (+12/+5/-12 VDC) universal input (100-240 VAC) power supply that TAPR ships with each Thunderbolt have been well tested.

Software and Documentation

No host software is actually required for setup or operation, but if you're curious and want to control or monitor the Trimble receiver from your PC then connect the Thunderbolt to a serial port with a DB9 cable. The excellent software is freely available from the Trimble web site:

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